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The Executive/Financial Beats By Dre Solo HD Mini Class, the Political/Union Class, and the Serfs
We Diddy Beats By Dre are Nike Soccer Boots approaching the holiday commemorating the day when,, as Abraham Lincoln might Adidas Soccer Boots have said,, eleven score and eighteen years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to Lebron James Beats By Dre Beats By Dre Mini Studio the proposition that all men are created equal. So I thought I��d check some data to see how the different classes in our classless society are making out. According to Local Area Personal Income data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, in 2012 Ferrari Beats By Dre those working in the Finance and Insurance Sector in TF Sac lancel Daligramme Manhattan (aka Wall Street) earned (or at least Beats By Dre Tour got) an average adidas 11Pro (mean) of $263,,979 TF each in wages, salaries Beats By Dre Studio and non-wage benefits such as Graffiti Beats By Dre employer contributions to retirement funds and health insurance. This data, unlike most you see, includes the self-employed. The average for all the other private sector workers in Downstate New York,, including top executives and the highest Beats By Dr.Dre Wireless paid workers in sectors outside finance, Sac lancel Zéphir was $74,306. The average for state and local government workers in Downstate New York was $100,,352.
But not all state and local government workers are created equal, it would seem. According to Education Finance data from Sac lancel Easy Flirt the U.S. Census Bureau, as I showed here New Green Beats By Dre York City spent $272,500 in instructional (mostly teachers) wages and Spiderman Beats By Dre benefits per 20 students Sac lancel Coup Superman Beats By Dre D'éclat �C by Sac Beats By purple Beats By Dre Dre Solo HD lancel Roll'N leopard Beats By Dre Rock that Power Beats By Dre comparison more Orange Beats By Dre than the average for Wall Street. Based on data MLB Beats By Lamborghini Beats By Dre Dre reported in the FY 2013 Comprehensive Beats By Dre Ibeats Annual Report of the New York City Police Pension Fund and the Beats By Dre Studio 2013 FY 2013 Budget Summary Mademoiselle Adjani from the NYC Office of Management and Budget, Pink Beats By Dre the average NYC police officer cost $212,,220 in wages and benefits �C Lady Gaga Heartbeats far closer to adidas Copa Wall Street Kobe Bryant Beats By Dre than to average New Yorkers. Similar sources put the average cost per Sac Nike Mercurial Vapor AG lancel Paris TF Line NYC firefighter NBA Beats By Dre at $229,140. According to the Nike Mercurial Vapor TF National Transit Database, the L'Angèle average employee of New York City transit cost $137,646 in wages and benefits in FY 2012, adidas Nitrocharge less than the teachers, police officers and firefighters but still nearly double the average non-Wall Street worker in downstate��s NY private sector. The average Long Island Railroad worker cost even more,, at $162,851. It��s a tale of three cities, but no one tells it because the first two classes are the people one needs to suck up to in order to get ahead,, and the third does not matter. Some charts and additional commentary on what this means may be found on ��Saying the Unsaid in New York.��

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